Studio Direct
Studio Direct


Introducing STUDIO DIRECT: Your chance to support an emerging local artist, to endorse creative pursuit, and to ensure that you are getting the year’s only direct discount on my artwork. STUDIO DIRECT brings together a small community of people eager to invest in art in a new & exciting way.

At the start of 2017, I will be pre-selling ten pieces at three price points. This funding will provide me with the foundation needed for a dedicated studio practice. A lot of my work is created for specific spaces, and I am opening that opportunity to patrons to have a work of art created for a specific place. This is something we will discuss in depth in our initial consultation. As a partner, you will get to visit my studio while I’m working on your piece and become a participant in my creative process.

Together, we will increase the value of your investment through a year of creative possibility.

Structure: Ok, so how does this work?

Artist Laurie Trok

Year 2017

Community Comprised of 10 Local Patrons

Goal To keep me focused on my studio practice

The Details

3 Works Available at $4,000 each
Retail Value: $6,000

3 Works Available at $2,500 each
Retail Value: $3,500

4 Works Available at $1,750 each
Retail Value: $2,450

Patron Discount: 30-40%

Your Artwork Please understand, this is not a commission. We will have an initial consultation about my work and assess your space, what body of work you are most interested in, and discuss some potential directions. From there, I will do my very best to ensure that you receive a piece that you are happy with.

The Result Your return will come in two forms: a piece made during this unique yearlong program, and the increased value of said piece in the aftermath of our successful partnership. The year will culminate in an independently organized exhibit that showcases the 10 works amongst a much larger body of work.

Context: What does your investment do for me?

The Studio Focus

A concrete studio art income will allow me to work towards my long-term goal of financial security as a professional artist.


By establishing personal relationships with collectors, I hope to strengthen my professional network locally, and see an increase in national opportunities.

The exposure gained from this year-long
program will help to increase the value of my work in the future.

Your Investment at Work

Part of your STUDIO DIRECT investment will be used to design and print a promotional book that showcases my work and process. While these tools will be available for you to share with friends, family and colleagues at any time during the project, it’s the end-of-the-year exhibition that offers the most exciting chance for Patrons to show off their participation in this program.

Working Together

This is the only time over the course of the year that my artwork will be available at direct discount. The ten Patrons who invest in this program will be forming a partnership with me.

While we won’t be working together on the actual art, we will be working together to make a mutual investment in the success of this art. That investment will only grow as this program gains momentum, allowing confident, assertive pricing moving forward.

Relationship: What are the expectations of this partnership?

Artist Expectations

• Welcome Packet

• Contract

• Program overview

• Schedule

• Patron introductions

• Initial Studio Visit
Review and discuss recent work

• Bi-Monthly Emails
~ Career updates
~ Photos of works in progress

• Mid-Year Cocktail Party
Organize and host

• Open-Door Studio Policy
Stop on by whenever you’d like!

• Final Exhibition
Organize and host

• Delivered Artwork
December 2017
Signed with certificate of authenticity

Patron Expectations

• Signed Contract
With full payment due 1/15/2016

• Initial Studio Visit
Review and discuss recent work

• Support Artist with:
Professional networking
Business strategy
Encouraging sales
Artistic opportunities

• Mid-Year Cocktail Party
Not mandatory

~ Meet other members
~ Bring friends by to see the studio and learn about the project

• Final Exhibition (Pittsburgh)
Assist artist in finding venue
~ Invite friends & colleagues
~ View the 10 Studio Direct pieces on display including your own

• Final Assessment
Fill out survey to further the future success of this project

• Enjoy your Artwork!

Budget: What will your money be used for?


$5500 – Home
$3500 – Studio
$3,000 – Health Insurance 


$3000 – CNC cutting / raw material
$2500 – Paint
$2500 – Framing


$700 – Design/Marketing
$1700 – Professional Fees, Applications, Development 
$2000 – Documentation/Catalogue

Final Exhibition

$0 (goal) – Space Rental 
$1500 – Food/ Drink
Total    $25,900

Apply: How do I participate?

If you are interested in being one of the
STUDIO DIRECT Patrons or have any questions about the program, please contact me.

Contact Information


You can apply now by submitting the application form included on this page.

There are only 10 pieces available for purchase! Please apply early for the best chance at being part of STUDIO DIRECT.

Contacting me does not ensure participation. In order for this program to be as successful as possible, I will strategically build a well balanced, diverse group of Patrons. Applicants will be notified by Janurary 1, 2017 of their acceptance into the program at which point a signed contract and submitted payment will secure your involvement.

To apply for Studio Direct or to request more information about the program, please fill out the form below: