Artist Statement

It is all within the question, moving outside of certainty, challenging borders. I want to create images that are freed from stasis. I am interested in creating a synesthetic experience that allows for time and process to create systems that work together effortlessly as physiological systems

I play with ideas of space and time, both in the action and in the process. As I engage the meditative act of cutting, you can see the passage of time immediately in the work. I turn actions to objects, cast shadows, form visual poems. I use my breath or body to create ink drawings. I make blind contour drawings – they keep asking questions. Improvisation drives me forward.

Line becomes sculpture. Shadow becomes drawing. Processes bleed into one another as do mediums – these are the systems. I am interested in the immediacy of a mark being extracted over a long period of time. Stopping it for a moment, letting it move someplace else. There are questions that lead to more questions. Perhaps imagery asks questions in ways words cannot. Since my work is physical, I can turn it over. I can look at both sides.

I am equally committed to process and concept, and always striving to figure out how they can work together. The resulting work is skeletal, alien, organic, playful, emotional, nostalgic but present. I honor error, and strive tirelessly toward a balance between questions and answers.