I’m an avid baker and cake has become somewhat of an artistic obsession over the past few years. Cake as a way to tell time. Cake as a polaroid we keep in a drawer. I love to create custom celebration cakes. The more I inquire about ahead of time about the celebration and people, the more I can put into creating a cake that participates in shaping the story. Olfactory memory. Installation art. Performance art.

Then it is cut, shared, consumed. Changed. The boundaries of food and art are blurred, this comes as no surprise. But it is very exciting to navigate, and also, cake!

In addition to custom cakes, I offer several signature flavors that rotate seasonally.

Fall 2022 Offerings

Butternut squash spice cake with sage caramel swiss meringue buttercream topped with candied squash seeds (optional tart  green apple filling)

Brown sugar chiffon cake, cranberry italian meringue buttercream and cranberry jam, candied cranberries

Dark chocolate cake with salted tahini buttercream

Fall cakes will be decorated seasonally with my signature style, often edible florals and botanicals mixed with piping and palette knife work.

6″ cakes – serves 12-14 – $65

8″ cakes – serves 18-20 – $75

Email laurietrok@gmail.com to first confirm dates and then I will send you a link for payment.