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Introducing STUDIO DIRECT: Your chance to support an emerging local artist, to endorse creative pursuit, and to ensure that you are getting the year’s only direct discount on my artwork. STUDIO DIRECT brings together a small community of people eager to invest in art in a new & exciting way.

At the start of 2016, I will be pre-selling eleven pieces at three price points. This funding will provide me with the foundation needed for a dedicated studio practice. A lot of my work is created for specific spaces, and I am opening that opportunity to patrons to have a work of art created for a specific place. This is something we will discuss in depth in our initial consultation. As a partner, you will get to visit my studio while I’m working on your piece and become a participant in my creative process.

Together, we will increase the value of your investment through a year of creative possibility.

For more detailed information about the program, visit the studio direct information page.

Additional information

Patron Levels

$1,000 (Retail Value: $1,500), $1,750 (Retail Value: $2,450), $2,500 (Retail Value: $3,500)


Comprised of 11 Local Patrons
4 Works Available at $2,500 each Retail Value: $3,500
4 Works Available at $1,750 each Retail Value: $2,450
3 Works Available at $1,000 each Retail Value: $1,500




Patron Discount: 30-40%