Laurie Trok is a visual artist born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. She recently moved her studio from a large warehouse containing over forty artists to a modest space at home after the birth of her child.

Laurie creates paintings and works made from cut paper ranging from small pieces to gallery sized installations. The cut paper installations and small works focus on time, process, language, and improvisation. In her painting and sculptural work, her process begins with cutting paper pieces by hand, and using those to create sculpture or surfaces for paintings using a CNC laser cutter.

She is currently working on a series of small works, titled specimina. These miniature paper cut works are contained in small glass vials and exist as a collection in fictional categories, similar to specimens in a natural history museum. She is also working on an ever-growing long term project called the Paper Ball Project. These works begin as crumpled paper balls, and the action of crumpling is used as a template for cutting. She is currently somewhere around 200 and plans to create 1,000 before completing the project.

She is a member of Associated Artists of Pittsburgh, and has exhibited in several juried exhibitions over the past few years at institutions such as the Carnegie Museum of Art, The Pittsburgh Center for the Arts, and the Westmoreland Museum of American Art. Laurie recently received an award for her piece, God is in the forest counting trees at the Carnegie Museum of Art’s annual AAP exhibition.